Yekta Film Tabriz: How to increase your sales by using it?

If you own a site in the field of selling and installing PVC covers and stamps, you definitely want to maximize your sales and increase your profits.

But how can you do this?

In this article, we will show you how to increase your competitive advantage over other sellers and attract more customers by using Yekta Film Tabriz.

What is the only film of Tabriz?

Yekta Tabriz film is a type of PVC coating that is used in the fields of doors, windows, cabinet doors, entrance doors, courtyard doors, etc.

Ekta Tabriz film is produced in the form of rolls with different widths and is transferred to the desired surface using special devices.


Yekta Tabriz film has various and attractive designs and colors that you can match with your taste and color system.

Why should you use Yekta Tabriz film?

Yekta Tabriz film has many advantages, some of which are mentioned below:
• beauty:
Yekta Tabriz film makes your cover more beautiful and attractive with creative designs and happy colors.

You can turn your cover into artistic panels by choosing flower, landscape, animal, geometric, etc. designs.

You can also coordinate and make your cover happy by choosing colors compatible with the interior decoration.

• Quality:
Yekta Tabriz film provides high quality for your cover by using Ecosalont ink.

This ink has resistance to water, heat, abrasion and ultraviolet rays, and makes your coating have a stable and durable color.

Also, this ink has an ISO 14001 certificate and does not harm the environment.

• Quick and easy:
Ekta Tabriz film is quickly and easily transferred to the desired surface using special devices.

You don’t need any background or special expertise to use Yekta Tabriz film and you can decorate your cover with Yekta Tabriz film by following a few simple tips.

How to increase your competitive advantage by using Yekta Film Tabriz?

To increase your competitive advantage by using Yekta Film Tabriz, you should keep a few points in mind:

Providing quality products:

You must produce and install your unique Tabriz movie with high quality and honest standards.

You have to produce your own Tabriz film from suitable alloys and weather-resistant coatings.

You should also install and repair your unique Tabriz film with care and respect.

This will make your customers satisfied with their product and trust you.

• Offering the right price:

You must offer your unique Tabriz movie to your customers at a fair and reasonable price.

You should set your price based on the cost of production, installation and repair, desired profit and market competition.

You must clearly and clearly announce your price to your customers and avoid any unreasonable discounts or increases.


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[ about company ]

Yekta Film Tabriz produces all kinds of hot stamps

Yekta Film Industrial Group of Tabriz,

as the first producer of hot stamp coatings in Iran,

started its activity in 1996 and by using a professional group of designers and engineers and the most modern devices in the world,

it has been able to produce a product with superior quality compared to Chinese samples.

and Russian, to supply the market at a reasonable price and make the country unnecessary to import hot stamps.

Also, by increasing the production capacity, introducing new products and the efforts of its experienced managers, it has succeeded in exporting to neighboring countries and has now launched the new phase of the factory with the production of PVC coatings under the Tekfilm brand.

May he take a big step in this field and industry.

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